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Leadership Foundations Series

How can you lead and inspire people more effectively in today’s environment?

In this series we help you realize your true leadership potential with research-based content, discussions and coaching on real challenges in your organization.

People & Culture HR Series

People are an organization’s most important resource and its most significant asset.

This series is for leaders and HR professionals who are instrumental in creating and delivering strategic HR programs for their organizations. 

Effective Employee Onboarding

How do you welcome and onboard new employees to your organization?

A great onboarding program supports recruitment and retention efforts by ensuring new employees are engaged, established in their role, and integrated into the team. 

Career Conversations

Are you a leader looking to engage, retain, and develop employees?

This course is suitable for leaders seeking skills and tools to engage in effective career conversations to maximize employee potential, engagement, and retention, while creating a strong workforce that is aligned with future organizational needs.

HR Essentials

HR strategies support a productive and positive workplace environment

This session provides a high-level introduction of “need-to-know information” to anyone in your organization carrying out HR responsibilities.

Learning and development for organizations

If you’re interested in custom learning and development solutions for your organization, contact us.