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Best Practices for Termination of Employment Meetings

This course is suitable for managers and HR professionals who have the responsibility of terminating employment and want the proper training to be able to lead and run these meetings with confidence.

Today in the world of TikTok and LinkedIn, we are seeing more and more termination meetings gone bad. This spotlight on poorly conducted meetings emphasizes that many managers are not trained to conduct proper termination meetings based on best practice.

Terminating an individual’s employment, whether due to performance issues, a restructure, shortage of work or cost cutting, can be an arduous task for a manager. There is a lot to keep top of mind – legal implications, emotions of the affected employee, workplace equipment to retrieve, signing off on paperwork/release and what should and shouldn’t be said to avoid wrongful dismissal claims.

Wrongful dismissal claims in Canada can be costly to an employer and can have other consequences such as tarnished reputations and loss of credibility. With proper training on termination of employment best practices, managers can confidently conduct one of the most impactful meetings of a person’s career.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Legal implications to be mindful of when conducting a termination meeting.
  • What factors can trigger a wrongful dismissal claim.
  • Why you want to say less in this meeting. It is a notification meeting, not a discussion.
  • The differences between not-for-cause and for-cause terminations.
  • Understand the importance of exercising good faith.

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