Ask the Expert – Accommodation: Talking It Out

Accommodation: Talking it Out By Tory McNally, Consultant – HR Business Solutions In order to preserve the health of their organizations, employers are stretching themselves to be more flexible and strategic in all areas. Retaining employees is vital, now more than ever, because it will be their knowledge that will foster creative solutions and allow […]

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Ask The Expert – Managing Layoffs and Government Subsidies

Managing Layoffs and Government Subsidies By Deanna Lanoyway, People First HR Services Employers that have encountered a slow-down or closure due to Covid-19 may already have been forced to implement layoffs. As the restrictions begin to lift and you are thinking of bringing your employees back, you may be trying to navigate the supports available. If […]

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Ask The Expert – Solutions for Working in New Ways

Solutions for Working in New Ways by Ardele Karaganis, People First HR Services Workplaces all over the province, country, and world are experiencing a drastic shift in how they do business. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada to allow employees to work remotely when […]

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Ask the Expert – COVID-19 & Work-from-home

COVID-19 & work-from-home  by Kim Hunter, People Corporation COVID-19 has created a new business operating environment.  With little chance to prepare, employees in many sectors are suddenly working remotely to protect themselves and others and ensure compliance with physical distancing requirements. This forced transition to remote work has proven to be a difficult task for […]

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