Leadership in the Post-Pandemic World

Leadership in the Post-Pandemic World: How to influence a sense of belonging By Ardele Karaganis, Strategic HR Consulting Whether your employees are returning to the workplace, working remotely, or balancing a hybrid of both, leaders have a role to play in creating a sense of belonging among employees. The pandemic has disrupted many leaders’ relationships […]

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The Great Resignation

Retaining Talent through the Great Resignation By Pat Hirst, Practice Lead Learning & Development The pandemic has created a new normal for many: working from home, juggling work and balancing family priorities. It has also given people a chance to reflect on their life and careers. Many are choosing to quit what they are doing […]

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Healthy Habits for a Successful Job Search

Healthy Habits for a Successful Job Search By Vanessa Caligiuri, Coordinator, Projects & Operations – Career Management When you start working on a project, you identify an objective, create a plan, execute tactics, and analyze the results. The more projects you do, these tasks may naturally fall into place, becoming habits that help you have […]

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Conflict, Communication, and Covid-19

Conflict, Communication, and Covid-19: the impacts of the pandemic in the workplace By Deanna Lanoway, Vice President – HR Consulting As Canada begins to resurface from its 18-month encounter with the Covid-19 pandemic, employers and employees are taking the time to reflect on how this pandemic has impacted their organizations — both positively and negatively. […]

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