Why Career Transition support – in a time of change

By Liz Bilton, Vice President, Career Management

In Canada’s changing workforce landscape, a crucial element of your employee care strategy is career transition support

In the changing landscape of today’s Canadian workforce, which includes layoffs and downsizing, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of providing comprehensive career transition support as a crucial element of their employee care strategy. This proactive approach not only enhances the well-being of departing employees but also contributes significantly to the employer brand and organizational reputation.

Why embrace career transition support?

Here is a summary of the key reasons for embracing career transition support as a part of your organization’s exit strategy for employees:

Strategic Investment in Employee Well-being:

  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to employee care.
  • Fosters a positive work culture, enhancing morale and loyalty even during times of transition.

Mitigation of Legal Risks and Ethical Treatment:

  • Reduces the risk of legal disputes and potential litigation associated with employee terminations or layoffs, which can be costly and damaging to an organization’s reputation.
  • Meets legal obligations related to fair employment practices.
  • Showcases a commitment to ethical and compassionate treatment of employees.

Workforce Expectations and Values:

  • Aligns with the evolving expectations of the workforce.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to treating employees with dignity and respect throughout their career journey.

Employer Brand and Attraction of Talent:

  • Enhances the employer brand, making the organization more attractive to top talent.
  • Differentiates the company as one that values its workforce beyond their immediate   contributions.

Positive Relationships and Alumni Advocacy:

  • Maintains positive relationships with departing employees.
  • Creates satisfied alumni who can become valuable advocates for the organization, sometimes referred to as “Happy Leavers”

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Acknowledges the unique needs of individuals at different career stages.
  • Reflects an inclusive organizational culture that supports employees regardless of age or career stage.

Economic Impact:

  • Contributes to a more skilled and adaptable workforce.
  • Minimizes the risk of prolonged unemployment, benefiting both individuals and the overall economic health of the country.

Tailored Support for Various Career Stages:

  • Provides resources for older employees navigating potential retirement or exploring new opportunities.
  • Offers guidance to younger employees making early career moves.

Thrive in the competitive business landscape

Providing career transition support in Canada is a strategic measure that goes beyond legal compliance. It aligns with evolving workforce expectations, enhances the employer brand, maintains positive relationships with departing employees, meets legal obligations, acknowledges the diverse needs of the workforce, and has positive economic implications. Organizations that prioritize career transition support are better positioned to thrive in the competitive Canadian business landscape while fostering a culture of care and respect for their employees.

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