The Importance of a Leaving Story

Career Management

A leaving story can be valuable after employment termination for several reasons:

Professional Narrative: It allows you to shape the narrative of your departure. Instead of letting rumors or assumptions take hold, you can provide a clear, professional account of why you left.

Future Opportunities: When seeking new employment, potential employers may ask about your previous job. A well-constructed leaving story helps you explain the situation in a positive light, highlighting what you learned and how you’ve grown.

Personal Closure: Writing or articulating your leaving story can aid in processing the emotions associated with the termination. It allows you to reflect on the experience, find closure, and move forward positively.

Networking and References: It provides a basis for discussing your departure with former colleagues or supervisors. A well-handled leaving story can maintain professional relationships and potentially secure positive references.

Self-Reflection and Growth: By detailing your leaving story, you can identify areas for personal and professional growth. It’s an opportunity to learn from the experience and evolve in your career.

We recommend our clients keep their leaving story short, concise along with positive and true.

To put some structure around that – using the following approach:

  1. Start with a positive statement about your previous employer.
  2. Next – provide a short statement on why you are no longer there.
  3. End on a positive note connected to the future.