Pivoting Careers

Pivoting Careers

Career Management

People First Career Management consultants listen first and consult second – providing customized, objective advice and direction to help our clients move forward. This is especially true in cases where clients have lost employment and want to capitalize on the opportunity to research, pivot and try something new. They may not have had this chance before, feeling stuck in a job with no other alternatives. This newfound time allows room for self-evaluation to see with fresh perspective previously unconsidered options and directions.  

More than ever, we are finding individuals invested in using this time to reflect, strategize and pivot. Our consultants guide their clients through this change process in several measurable and strategic ways:

  1. Strengths Assessment – We provide various assessments enabling clients to better understand not only their range of skills, but also how to translate those skills in interview settings or networking situations. Assessment outcomes also highlight the work environments most suited to clients’ skill profiles and goals.
  2. Functional Resume – This is a must when pivoting careers! Our consultants help clients to develop a functional resume with a focus on transferable skills.
  3. Prepared Script – Improvising in networking or interview settings is not a recipe for success. For maximum impact in these often stressful and unpredictable situations, a prepared script is key to making an impression and communicating clearly. Our consultants are trained to help clients refine and strengthen messages that impress and resonate.
  4. First 90 Days – Once a new role is landed, our consultants support the transition and continue to work with clients to help them adjust and be successful.  In any new position, it is critical to understand the environment, yet it can be particularly daunting when a client has pivoted to a completely new field. A consultant is available to be that impartial and trusted sounding board as an individual navigates these changes.

Transition Program leads to career pivot success story!

A senior level client lost her employment after working in an industry for over 25 years and managing hundreds of individuals and many site locations. Because a continued income was critical, she took a position with a new organization far below her capabilities and made the best of it.  In her short time with this organization, she recognized many opportunities for improvement which she discussed with her Transition Program consultant.  After encouragement from her consultant, she addressed these improvements with her manager and was subsequently promoted to a position in line with her skills and experience. This client transitioned to a different sector, yet her new employer recognized her skills as transferable thanks to the relationship between client, organization and People First.