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People & Culture HR Series

A strong and healthy workplace culture is driven by leaders at all levels of an organization. As a supervisor or manager who is new to managing others, having a solid foundation of employer requirements is essential to understanding your role in seeing your team – and your organization – thrive.

This session provides leaders with valuable insights and a solid primer on everything related to people and culture.

Learning Focus:

  • Defining HR management: role of supervisors and managers
  • Best practices in respectful workplace including policy
  • Human Rights Legislation (protected grounds)
  • Basics of employment standards and where to find the right information
  • Importance of HR policy and procedures in setting the tone for success
  • Culture and productivity

Session Dates:

May 8 & May 10 – Registration Closed
9:00 am – 12:00 pm CDT
Location: Virtual

People & Culture HR Series

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