Culture, DEI & Engagement

Culture is the strategy.

People First will take the time to understand your business, your culture and your organization’s current needs. We believe that “culture is the strategy” and that your people require the same attention as other key corporate functions. A strategic approach to what you do and how you do it is critical to achieving your business goals.

Looking to cultivate an intentional and constructive culture within your workplace? People First is certified in leading organization-wide culture assessments and will partner with you to develop the competencies for success.

Engagement Solutions

Employee engagement is the holistic connection people feel towards their workplace – if this connection is strong, employees are more likely to contribute to the business in an impactful and enduring way.

People First offers a variety of solutions that will help inform understanding of the employee experience in your organization.

Pulse Engagement

A short pulse survey may be ideal for organizations new to employee surveys, measuring effectiveness of strategic initiatives, or supplementing full engagement measures. Common questions are based on leadership practices, wellness, communication and change management.

Comprehensive Engagement

Our comprehensive survey provides insight about how engaged employees feel and key factors that impact workplace engagement. People First survey reporting goes beyond the metrics and provides pragmatic recommendations to influence workplace culture.

Engagement Partnership

How organizations communicate and demonstrate commitment following an engagement survey greatly impacts the employee experience. An engagement partner can lead effective communication of results, develop action plans to initiate change, and gather further insight related to employee experience.

Confidence and comfort in the space of diversity and inclusion is gained not only through knowledge but also through experience.

Leaders set the strategy and tone for all diversity and inclusion work; therefore, they need to be both aligned and comfortable, recognizing that how they speak about these topics does matter, but feeling confident enough to engage and learn through their experiences. People First believes that all successful DEI programs are led by executives and leaders who understand how perspective filters knowledge and experiences as well as the role of individuals within a system.

Enhance your organization’s culture through a partnership with People First HR.

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