Disability Management

By Samantha Easter – HR Consultant, HR @ Your Service In past practice, it was typical that ill, injured or employees with a disability were often expected to be away from their workplace until such time that they were fully recovered and able to return to work at their full capacity. However, studies show that […]

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Understanding Performance Management

By Ainsley LaCroix – HR Consultant, HR @ Your Service Recently, we talked about the power of feedback, its role in making teams stronger and strategies for how to make it a regular – and welcomed – part of interactions between leaders and employees. As essential as a less-structured approach to feedback can be to […]

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Funding to support learning and development initiatives for MB employers

The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant program for 2023-24 is now accepting applications. The program provides Manitoba employers with funding to support learning and development initiatives for their employees. Visit this page to download the CMJB application: Canada-Manitoba Job Grant program Learn more about the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant program including eligibility and requirements by checking out the […]

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The Power of Feedback

The Power of Feedback: Providing clear, concise feedback is the making of a stronger leader By Ardele Karaganis, Senior HR Consultant Feedback is not your enemy. It’s actually a process that we should be very familiar with. As babies when we learned basic life functions — walking, talking, eating, playing with others —we received feedback […]

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