Understanding Engagement

Forget quiet quitting. Engagement is what you should be really worried about. By Dr. Thomas Hammond, Director, Transformational HR The not-so-new phenomenon of quiet quitting was the hot topic of the summer. Our social newsfeeds were filled with posts debating this latest take on how the world of work continues to change. Although the chatter […]

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Coaching & Leadership Development

Leveraging career coaching to support leadership development By Jen Oleson, Operations Manager, Career Management Can you imagine a time in your life when you would use a coach? For many people, a sports coach or a personal trainer will come to mind. Professional athletes use coaches to support their development, facilitate effective team communication and […]

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning: Why Organizations Cannot Afford to Get It Wrong By Shannan Gradt, Senior HR Consultant, Strategic HR Consulting Many organizations have been struggling to find the talent and skillsets needed to fill open roles. These challenges are not going away anytime soon, with workers aged 55 and older steadily exiting the Canadian workforce and […]

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The value of a progressive discipline process

The value of a progressive discipline process By Johanna Hildebrand, HR Consultant, HR @ Your Service Progressive discipline, a key piece of performance management, is an inevitable and crucial responsibility for all managers and leaders, but it is a process many dread. Progressive discipline can be a daunting task, but if we reframe the conversation […]

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