Promoting Health & Wellbeing: COVID-19, Cold & Flu Season

by HR @ Your Service The workplace environment has transformed in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we approach cold and flu season and witness a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, employers are faced with the crucial task of addressing employee and workplace concerns in a proactive and strategic manner. The health […]

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The Journey of Rural Recruitment

By Tracy Dandeneau, Director, Recruitment Operations Rural recruitment is a journey, one filled with its own set of challenges and rewards.  When a recruitment project leads to the heart of rural landscapes, the search process requires a unique lens and sourcing skill set. In this article, we dive into the specific challenges that hiring managers […]

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Embracing Engagement: Building a Comprehensive Employee Engagement Strategy

By Brookley Susser, Senior Consultant, Strategic HR Consulting We’ve heard the buzz about engagement; the ever-elusive concept of measuring employee satisfaction in the workplace… and here’s our hot take. Commonly, engagement surveys or other forms of gathering employee feedback are based on a series of buzzword concepts that are believed to be the final word […]

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The Value of Retirement Planning

Career Management According to economists, workers aged 55 and older are steadily exiting the Canadian workforce and showing no signs of slowing. Often, employees who are contemplating retirement are senior leaders and/or highly knowledgeable employees with decades of experience. When employees of this calibre leave the organization—especially if the decision leaves little opportunity for succession […]

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