Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations: A tool to support employee well-being and organizational health

Workplace investigations are rarely required but are a necessary tool to leverage when questions of workplace safety arise.

Every Canadian employee has the right to feel connected, safe, and comfortable at work. If a situation occurs at your workplace that impacts that feeling of safety and connection, resolving it with compassion and an eye to the future is critical. Restoration through an investigation process may be essential to fulfil your legal responsibility as an employer and maintain a positive workplace environment.

To best support your employees and organizational health, we highly recommend working with an experienced investigations partner.

Partnering with People First HR on workplace investigations

At People First HR, we are passionate about providing confidential, high-quality, and impartial investigative services. We pride ourselves on our tailored investigation solutions that meet the unique needs of the organizations we work with.

Our investigative practice is rooted in our ability to provide impartial, balanced solutions to support our clients. We work with organizations and employees to provide findings, and then support a resolution that gets the workplace back to a healthy and safe place for all.

Trained consultants

People First HR has a team of consultants specially trained in conducting workplace investigations. They are passionate about what they do and strive to continue to learn and grow their skillset with professional development in the areas such as:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Working with challenging witnesses
  • Cultural competence
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Diversity and inclusion

Leverage our experience to meet your investigation needs.

Our consultants complete dozens of investigations each year across private and public sectors and both federal and provincial jurisdictions. We have worked on investigations across Canada — from BC to New Brunswick.

Through our experience, we understand that each situation is unique. We leverage our experience and understanding of workplace health and safety to tailor our support to meet your needs.

Workplace assessment and investigation solutions

The right solution for your organization will vary based on your unique needs. The following approaches provide a high-level overview of the services that People First can leverage to support your workplace.


In cases where specific allegations of workplace misconduct have been made, an investigation helps to examine workplace complaints and provide findings of whether a breach has occurred or not. Although confidential, an investigation cannot be anonymous; parties are known to one another in order to resolve the dispute fairly and objectively. The ultimate goal is to reach a resolution that restores workplace health. Each investigation is structured around a respectful workplace policy, relevant legislation, and the unique context of the complaints. Following an investigation, a confidential report with a summary of findings is provided. Assessments

In cases of anonymous, vague, or multiple complaints, a formal investigation may not provide the answers an employer needs. Workplace assessments provide more in-depth information and recommendations to help employers understand the dynamics in their employee interactions, including what are often multi-faceted challenges to respect in the workplace.

Climate assessments

When employers know that there is something wrong in the workplace culture, but they are unsure what it is, a climate assessment (sometimes referred to as an environmental assessment) is in order.

Climate assessments begin with a broad scope, with the aim of providing a complete view of workplace challenges and recommendations for improvement. All employees in the relevant work group will have an opportunity to voice their concerns. The information-gathering methods vary according to group size, communication protocols, and the physical work environment. We analyze themes against theories of human and group behaviour, as well as best practices in people management, to provide an understanding of the root causes of challenges.

Recommendations in climate assessments may include situational dynamics like organizational structure, or more specific changes in performance management, leadership practices, processes, policy or individual training and development.

Facilitated conversations

The investigation process requires separation — the parties involved do not speak to each other only to the investigator. After an investigation is complete, bringing the parties back to working together can be challenging, regardless of the findings. Facilitated conversations are used to address the issue between the two parties. They happen independently of any discipline or other changes made after the investigation. These conversations provide a reset for the working relationship and aim to help your employees reach an agreement on what is needed for them to move forward and work productively and effectively.

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