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Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness strategies have become more and more essential to the success of teams and organizations. This increasing emphasis on the role employee wellness plays in the workplace requires employers to respond with awareness and strategies when their employees exhibit signs of wellbeing issues. When employers approach employee wellness and mental health thoughtfully, employees can focus on performing their best and experience better work-life balance. This session aims to educate employers on the importance of employee wellness and the role they can play in achieving a healthy workplace.

Learning Focus:

  • Understanding the impact of employee wellness on the workplace
  • Strategies to support employee wellness on a daily basis
  • Identifying signs and symptoms of mental health challenges
  • Resources for employers and employees to utilize in navigating workplace wellness
  • How workplace accommodations can support both employers and employees
  • Building confidence to assist colleagues, friends, or family members who may be facing mental health challenges

Session Date:

June 6, 2023 – Registration Closed
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm CDT
Location: Virtual

Workplace Wellness

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