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Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias

All employees can benefit from this session, with particular emphasis for those who influence diversity and inclusion in their organization, including managers, supervisors, people leaders, and HR.

Our individual view of the world is influenced by myriad forces, and our perceptions and assumptions are part of our context and filter. At times, unconscious processes cause us to interpret things not as they really are, but as we perceive them. This session will build a foundational awareness of bias and explore ways to identify and mitigate bias in the workplace. The concepts are key cornerstones for participants to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, how each concept shows up in the workplace, and the benefits of a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • Learning processes at the heart of unconscious bias.
  • The evolving environment: Anti-racism, microaggressions, pronouns, language, and equity.
  • Strategies to become mindful of your own bias, and finding mitigation practices that work for you.

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