Mental Health – 5 Reasons Why Offering Career Transition Services is Important

Mental Health – Reasons Why Offering Career Transition Services is Important

By Vanessa Caligiuri, Coordinator of Projects & Operations – Career Management

Most organizations know that providing Career Transition services is the right thing to do. This support is seen mainly as a bridge which helps the departing employee find their next opportunity.  With May being a month dedicated to raising awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues, this article outlines how Career Transition supports the mental health of not only the individual leaving the organization, but also the leaders and remaining employees.

Getting Home Safely

Post notification there is a range of emotions that an individual may experience. Securing a Career Consultant to be onsite on the date of the termination ensures support for the individual immediately after the message has been delivered. The consultant can assess the individual’s emotional state at that moment and take measures to ensure they get home safely. For example – Are they ok to drive home? And if not, the consultant will provide taxi chits, which allows for immediate exit from the workplace and the elimination of waiting time which can result in an increase in a range of emotions, including anxiety, sadness and anger.

Post Notification Support

Once the termination meeting is complete, the leader responsible for delivering the message typically has minimal communication with that departed employee. As an employer who cares about your employees, it is normal to worry and wonder about that individual’s emotional state.  When working with People First, we connect with the individual later that same day to check-in and provide support. The consultant will talk the individual through the emotional waves they may be experiencing, helping them to refocus and move forward.

Professional Referrals

While our consultants are trained to provide emotional and practical support to departing employees, they are also very adept at recognizing when an individual should be referred to a health professional.  An individual who is in a fragile state may not recognize they need assistance and we know that asking for help is not easy. Our consultants are there for the individual experiencing job loss when it is needed most.

Leader Support

The well-being and mental health of the leader is also important.  Terminating employment is never an easy decision. People First also supports the leader who has made the decision and has delivered the message. For some, this may be the first time notifying an employee of job loss and for others who have already had this experience, it might be just as difficult as the very first time. We are there every step of the way as decisions are made around the process ensuring leaders feel comfortable and confident with the messaging and logistics for the notification meeting. After the departed employee engages in their career transition program, we provide you with high level program updates, giving you peace of mind that the individual is being taken care of and supported.

Minimize Disruption and Fear to Remaining Staff

Often, the focus is on the departing individual and the effect on the remaining employees is forgotten. For many, learning that a colleague has lost their job can cause stress and uncertainty which may impact their performance going forward.  Our consultants can help guide you through the delivery of the message to the remaining employees, resulting in a feeling of safety and security, especially for larger group notifications. As well, by providing transition services, your remaining employees will know that their organization cares and if they find themselves in the same situation in the future, they will be treated with the same respect and dignity.

Consider the mental health of your departing employee(s), your leaders and the remaining employees by providing support and partnering with People First!

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