Sandy Sterzer

Image of Sandy Sterzer


For the past 10 years, Sandy has had the pleasure of working with two wonderful Winnipeg companies, the Canadian Wheat Board and Polar Windows of Canada.  These organizations provided her the opportunity to work with passionate farmers, tenacious sales people and hard working manufacturing staff.

Sandy considers herself very lucky to have been exposed to and to have such a diverse background in terms of experience.  Earlier in her career, she’s stood shoulder to shoulder with manufacturing staff assembling electronic parts and sewing hats, she’s worked in call centre environments and got caught up in the excitement that another sale brings, and had been invited to the boardroom with the CEO and President and been asked for her HR expertise and opinion.

Sandy has been told that she has a way with people, and the ability to put people at ease. From her experience working in such a wide variety of industries, she knows that regardless of who they are, what level they’re at, or where they come from, people want to be heard and treated with respect. She also knows what it is to experience personal loss and uses her own experiences to create meaningful connections with her clients. Her favourite quote: “you can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you”

Sandy is a member of the Human Resources Association of Manitoba and also a member of the Institute of Professional Management.