We will arrange for you to meet with each of the candidates. We will coordinate the interviews (including travel arrangement, if necessary) and make sure you are prepared for the meeting. Our offices are always available if you would prefer not to meet at your site.

Once you are confident you have the information needed from each candidate to make a selection, we will help facilitate your decision process.

When you have made your choice, we will do the final references checks on this candidate, which will include at least two or three management level references.

With the references in order it is time to make an offer. We recommend that we work closely with you at this critical juncture. In a perfect scenario (which is our goal), we would have the negotiation done before the offer is presented. We are experts at being the go-between to make this happen.

Once the offer is accepted, we provide exit strategies and guidance to your new hire to make their transition as smoothly as possible.