The launch phase is generally the shortest step in our process, but without it we couldn’t guarantee our success.

To begin, we will meet with you and any other stakeholders to talk about the role. We want to understand skills that are required, the style of leadership in your organization and where the position fits into the overall company plan. These are all critical to us finding you a candidate with the perfect fit.

To help make sure we are on the right track, we complete a DISC Human Job Analysis profile. This tool allows us to identify the ideal behavioural characteristics (personality) of the job. Later on in the process, we will also be able to compare candidates against this profile.

It is also at this phase that we will develop our communication plan. We want to make sure that we are keeping you informed at the intervals that make sense to you. Before we begin our search, you will know when you will hear from us and when we expect to deliver results.

At the end of this stage, you will feel confident that we have an accurate picture of the position and how it fits into your organization.