Career Development

Career Development Services

Once you’ve identified employees and executives with exceptional capabilities, the challenge is to engage them, motivate them, optimize their potential and, above all, retain them.

Our career development and career management professionals are here to make sure you’re up to the challenge. We offer group programs to help your employees create a blueprint for personal and professional success. Our services are customized to meet the needs of your organization and your budget.

Making our services available to carefully targeted individuals lets them know you’re willing to work with them – and for them – as they build the skills they need to flourish within your organization.

Bottom line? Satisfied, fully engaged employees who make a significant, long-term commitment and contribution to your company.

Career Compass©

Career Compass© is an internally focused, group career management program that allows employees to direct and grow their career within your organization. This six-step program combines assessments, workshops and individual meetings. When completed, the employee is able to develop realistic career goals and a personalized career action plan that will keep them engaged and on target for growth.

Career Conversations

Smart organizations are recognizing that effective career conversations have significant impact on both business and employees.  Conversations about career increase engagement, satisfaction and employee retention.  They help align employee interests with business needs and objectives.  An effective process for career conversations also allows companies to leverage talent to accomplish business objectives and create a flexible workforce.

Integration coaching

In today’s fast-paced work environment, newly appointed individuals are expected to integrate into the new organization or position within record time. To facilitate the process of bringing a newly hired or promoted employee “on-board”, prevent the potential loss of a key resource and the high costs associated with such a loss, KWA Partners offers a strategic Integration Coaching program that optimizes the new leader’s integration.

Career strategy

Designed for executives who find themselves at a career crossroads within their current organization, Career Strategy provides them with a complete career assessment. Delivered in a one-to-one, consultative format, this program’s goal is to optimize the performance of key individuals and solidify the employee-employer relationship.

Spousal relocation

Hiring top talent, or motivating top talent to relocate, often implies moving a dual career couple. In order to successfully retain relocated employees it is critical that your organization address the impact of relocation on the spouses’/partners’ career goals. Our spousal relocation program is designed to help you develop an inclusive, results-oriented relocation program.