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Our profiles help organizations identify and understand the personality factors that are key to success.  These normative profiles are used extensively by organizations to select individuals with the best potential for high performance and retention in different types of jobs.  The knowledge gained from the profiles also allows organizations to leverage individual and team strengths by creating awareness, understanding needs and preferences, breaking down assumptions and harnessing the power of diversity.

The profiles are a valuable tool for recruitment/selection, team building, succession management, conflict resolution, career planning, team effectiveness and personal growth.  Profiles are developed in response to a web based questionnaire with detailed reports available immediately upon completion. 

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Profile Target Positions
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ManagementPro All positions with leadership/management responsibilities, from front line supervisors to senior executives.
SalesPro Sales positions where success is dependent upon building solid relationships.
ServicePro All positions required to provide services to internal departments and team members.
CustomerCarePro Customer service and sales positions that require first-rate client relationship management in organizations such as retail, personal services, hospitality and inbound call centres.
ProfessionalPro Professional positions that consult or provide enterprise solutions such as engineers, accountants, HR professionals, researchers, medical and health care professionals and consultants.
PersonalOrientationPro Competitive sales positions in organizations such as insurance, financial services, auto sales, real estate, advertising and telemarketing. Take a Profile
ITPro Information technology positions.
EmotionalQuotientPro All positions that require the ability to process emotional information and apply the information effectively.
AdminPro Administrative positions such as agents, associate agents, office managers, marketing assistants, administrative assistants and support staff.
360Pro The 360Pro is designed to gather constructive 360 degree feedback from all points of the job compass.  This online developmental tool is built around 19 key leadership competencies.